IDIOM of the day

Meet Lexi, the ultimate TV series fan. She loves immersing herself in the storylines and characters, but always found it challenging to understand idiomatic expressions used in the dialogues. So she decided to create a deck of cards featuring popular TV series idioms with their meanings and examples to memorize them better. As Lexi was working on her deck, she realized that there were probably other people out there who were struggling with the same issue. That’s when Lexi decided to share her deck with others.

If you’re a fan of TV series and want to master the most popular idioms used in them, try Lexi’s cards and start understanding dialogues and humor in your favorite shows like never before!


QUESTIONS to ask today

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Learning English can be challenging, especially when it comes to memorizing irregular verbs. Traditionally, we’ve been taught to repeat verbs on long lists in alphabetical order, which can be tedious and boring.

But the good news is that there is a more efficient and fun way to learn irregular verbs. By identifying patterns in these verbs and grouping them together, we can make the process of memorizing them more enjoyable and effective.

If you’re a Russian-speaking learner of English, I have an excellent resource to help you. This short video lesson on irregular verbs will guide you through the patterns and give you practical tips on how to use them in your everyday conversations.

So, let’s get started and make learning irregular verbs a fun and rewarding experience!

The list of irregular verbs in pdf format is available for download

Irregular Verbs