Cards for learning English

Conversation Cards is an excellent didactic material for developing speaking skills when mastering English as a foreign language. Conversation cards can also effectively help with memorizing grammar structures and vocabulary. They contain non-standard questions, beautiful pictures and controversial topics for discussion. Cards can be used for individual, pair or group work. The following decks are available:

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  • Conversation Cards CENCORED for discussing the most controversial topics

    CENSORED is a deck of cards with questions for developing speaking skills in English. There are 46 cards with questions on controversial social topics such as cancel culture, astroturfing, vaccination, addiction, censorship, immigration and others. Each card  has up to 12 questions and topical vocabulary. Conversation cards CENCORED can be used for debates, discussions and as topics for writing essays.
  • Conversation Cards Coaching Questions


    COACHING QUESTIONS — cards for those who choose to live mindfully and act consciously.

    The deck consists of 56 cards with questions about vision, values, methods, planning, motivation and other important areas of human life. Questions aim at deep thinking and self-reflection, help set goals and focus on opportunities and resources. Cards can be used as a learning tool for educators, teachers and language trainers.


  • Conversation Cards WHAT IF…?


    What if…? – a deck of cards for practising conditional sentences in English. Various non-standard hypothetical situations evoke interest and make you memorise grammar easily and quickly. There are 56 cards with questions for conditionals of type 1, 2, 3 and mixed ones. More than 50 situations and plenty of questions to ask!


  • LEXI’S CARDS with the most commonly used phrases from TV shows


    Lexi’s Cards are chosen by those who want to watch TV series and shows in English without translation. The deck includes phrasal verbs and idiomatic expressions that are commonly used in American and British TV shows. There are 72 cards with idioms and examples of their usage.




    Storyline cards are great for creating plots, scenarios, novels and stories. A great tool for aspiring writers. The deck includes 42 cards with illustrations and hints on how to create an exciting story.