Individual online lessons

based on the following courses:

How many lessons do I need?

Depending on your language goal as well as individual speed of language acquisition you may need a different amount of time. For your convenience we usually learn within the framework of course packs – 10, 15 or 20 lessons in a course pack. Using course packs has proven to be efficient in the situations when:

Company workshops

The following  intensive workshops are offered for professionals who need to boost their language skills at a given area.

Grammar Boost (5 sessions x 3 hours) – an immersive workshop designed for individuals determined to enhance their grammar proficiency.

Vocabulary Boost (3 sessions x 3 hours) – a focused workshop designed for those seeking to expand their vocabulary within a specific topic.

Master of Presentations (4 sessions x 3 hours) – a workshop designed for professionals who aim to deliver presentations effectively.

English for Meetings (4 sessions x 3 hours) – an exclusive workshop designed for professionals committed to improving their English language skills for effective participation in meetings. 

Office English (4 sessions x 4 hours) – a workshop for professionals who need English for their everyday communication with colleagues. 

English for Marketing (3 sessions x 4 hours) – a specialized workshop for professionals working in marketing.

Small Talk (3 sessions x 3 hours) – a workshop designed for those who want to master the art of conducting casual conversations.

Travel English (3 sessions x 3 hours) – a workshop tailored for individuals needing to improve their English to communicate when travelling.

English for HR (4 sessions x 3 hours) – a specialized workshop crafted for HR professionals aspiring to elevate their English language proficiency for effective communication.


Interview English (5 sessions x 1.5 hours) – a workshop designed for individuals who are getting ready for a job interview in English.

Lessons and workshops:

Benefits of individual work:

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Carmelita ArdizzoneService and Happy eXperiences Designer
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Sasha is a real coach. She has been accompanying me for more than 2 years on an English language learning journey which has been tailored to my needs. Sasha explains complex concepts in a simple and clear way. She provides me with additional materials for difficult topics. She is very careful and precise in correction of written texts (and essays that we write together) as well as the pronunciation of words. She is also available for lessons in the late afternoon (useful for those who work during the week). Sasha loves her work and manages to create a relationship of partnership and trust with her students. With her I’ve learned to love English, to achieve goals I set myself in the study of English and to overcome difficulties by believing in myself.
Claudio PigaContact Manager ENGIE Italia
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Alexandra is a very effective, empathetic and fun teacher. Leaning English with was a stimulating experience and helped me a lot. I will surely contact her again to help me with my English!
Justyna GierolinskaControlling Manager, JM, Poland
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Alexandra is a responsible person especially in the role of a teacher. She is always in a good mood with a lot of ideas in her mind. She always makes sure that everything is clear and if not she tries that it is. What else? Every single lesson was very interesting and according to my expectations. I recommend Alexandra as an English teacher 100 percent. She is also a good person and nowadays it is very difficult to find such. So feel free to catch her to improve your language skills. From my perspective I will definitely do it again.
Salvatore BaroneNTC, Italy
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I joined several English course during my life but Sasha is for sure the best teacher I have ever had. I found her learning method very incisive! Lessons were always stimulating and I had interactive company home tasks. I had my most evident improvements with her. Highly recommend.
Laura DiFiniENGIE, Italy
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Hi, I'm Laura and I'm from Milan, Italy I attended an English course for two years and Sasha was my teacher She is an amazing teacher. She’s competent, very prepared and patient. She prepares lessons accurately and provides appropriate and interesting materials. She is able to make the lesson interesting but also fun at the same time. I learned a lot thanks to Sasha, my English has improved a lot. I hope I can take other courses and still have Sasha as a teacher.
Tommaso IacoangeliAngelini Pharma
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Aleksandra is a great teacher. She is patient and supportive but knows how to motivate and engage her learners. She is great at building confidence and keeping lessons interesting and useful. I would recommend her to anyone interested in learning English.